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Would you like to cause change? Vote November 8th!

My Platform

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My goal is to restore your individual right to manage your family's lives free of government mandates. As your representative, everyone needs to remember we are spending your tax money. As your representative, I believe all elected, appointed, or government employees should be held accountable for their actions, no matter what position they hold.

Restore Education 

Our children are important! Academics must be the foundation of our public education. Moral and political guidance should come from the family not the government.

Restore Safety

If you want to go to bed at night in a safe environment you have to make crime illegal again. As a community we have to prioritize victim's rights over criminal's rights.  We need to strengthen our right to defend ourselves and our families. Support quality policing.

Restore Accountability

Limit the ability of government to violate our constitutional rights. Increase public involvement in our legislative process. 

As Your Representative, I Will Work On:


Prioritizing Victim's rights

Making Crime Illegal

Empowering Justice System

Funding and supporting police.

Eliminating judicial discretion outside of mandatory sentences.
Disrupting the Cycle of Social Deterioration



Mental illness


Unfortunately, some Democrats have spent your hard earned money enabling societal disintegration, and I have real solutions to reverse these disruptive cycles which will stop the deterioration. 
Guaranteeing Parent's Rights




I hope you agree that parents have the right and responsibility for the life, liberty, and happiness of their children to the age of maturity. 
  • Making Government Work FOR the People.

  • Protecting YOUR Liberties to: Speak, Assemble and Defend Your Families.

  • Curb the governor's ability to become a dictator by repealing the Emergency Powers Act

  • Repeal legislation restricting our God-given constitutionally protected rights

  • Safeguarding our Elections: Prevent the possibility of Mail fraud and cyber threats by voting in person at our state-funded schools on paper ballots distributed to voters with ID. Reducing the cost of living in Washington. 

Focusing on building a permitting process on success rather than restriction. This makes the process shorter and easier reducing the cost of affordable housing. 

Medically Reduce energy taxes by eliminating spending on wasteful transportation projects.

Intelligent transportation planning. 

janet large

Meet The Candidate

Janet Large is a person of integrity. She has taught for three decades in the Washington State public school system. She has concerns about children advancing to high school without the basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. She's discovered there are significant gaps in our current education system, from grade school to high school. 

Today you are seeing the results. She has continued to gather more information and is committed to educating everyone, including politicians and teacher's unions about the purpose of a scholarly academic education that enables every citizen, young or old, to achieve the American Dream. 

Janet believes that radical Marxists and socialists have no place in our political system or in our classrooms. She also believes that it's important to keep our liberties and freedoms that are provided in our constitution. We are living in fear of chaos. We're experiencing more crime, more government mandates, more out of control inflation, and even some deliberate transportation congestion. 

We should all "Live Large" in our beautiful state of Washington, wouldn't you agree?

Let Janet Large represent you in the House! She will represent you by asking you what you want, not what she thinks is best. She's here to help you achieve your goals. She will represent every man, woman and child in her district. Help her, help you! She's not a politician. She's someone that loves people and wants to restore their integrity as FREE Americans.